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Diversity & Inclusion at PSEG

From Our Chairman

"Our focus on diversity and inclusion is a top priority. Diversity is a key component of our organizational vision and goals - an integral part of how we seek to do business everyday."

Ralph Izzo, Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO


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  Diversity embraces the full breadth of all people, their ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and a vast blend of organizational and human characteristics, experiences, needs and traditions of our people. Inclusion is demonstrated by a culture that fosters a sense of belonging to all members of the organization so that they are welcomed, respected and valued, as both human beings and business partners. Diversity and inclusion drive success across our company, and are an essential part of everything we do, every day.

PSEG needs everyone to be able to perform at their highest capability, feel trusted, and have the opportunity to be heard in the workplace. In order to achieve our operational excellence, reliability, profitability, and customer service objectives, we must develop our workforce to reflect and respect our marketplace and our communities. We must develop an inclusive culture that empowers all of our people to contribute to our successes. A win-win-win.

We will achieve our diversity and inclusion goals by building on the following values:

TRUST - We trust each other's opinions and decisions and proactively address diversity and inclusion opportunities and challenges. We assume positive intent.

RESPECT - We approach each day with the determination to demonstrate dignity and respect for ourselves, coworkers, stakeholders and the communities we serve.

KNOWLEDGE - We become effective allies for others by learning about cultures, traditions, and life experiences different from our own.

AUTHENTICITY - We communicate in a clear, open and honest manner, with integrity and reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion principles and practices. We have the courage and conviction to speak up. We will not look the other way when something is wrong.

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups

PSEG Employee Resource Groups are open to ALL PSEG employees

PSEG is home to a number of Employee Resource Groups that enable PSEG employees with shared interests, experiences or traits to network, communicate, provide support and work toward common goals. Network groups are frequently organized as forums that help group members build towards career advancement. Current PSEG Employee Resource Groups include:


PSEG Vets’ vision is to be recognized as a group who strives to show its patriotism by honoring and supporting the men and women who serve our country past and present. In collaboration with PSEG leadership PSEG Vets work toward a common goal for the success of the group and the company. The group’s mission is to raise awareness, offer support and serve as an information resource to all PSEG veterans, active, guard, and reserve military professionals, as well as their families and friends.

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Adelante Group

Adelante's vision is to cultivate an environment where Hispanics/Latinos are recognized and represented at all levels throughout PSEG. Their mission is to be a resource for employees at all levels who want to gain a greater understanding of, or contribute to, the Hispanic/Latino experience and perspective. They work to communicate the collective needs of PSEG Hispanic/Latino employees and the Hispanic/Latino community. They also help PSEG leadership increase its awareness of the intellectual and technological capital provided by Hispanics/Latinos that support the successful performance and achievement of Adelante and PSEG goals.

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American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)

Established over 30 years ago, AABE is a non-profit national organization comprised of energy professionals dedicated to ensuring the input of minorities in the discussion and development of energy policies, regulations, R&D technologies, entrepreneur opportunities and environmental issues in the United States. Today, there are 36 chapters in six geographic regions in the United States. For more information on AABE, visit the AABE Website.

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GaLA - Gay & Lesbian Alliances at PSEG

GaLA's vision is to assist PSEG with the creation of a safe and inclusive work environment, where GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) employees and their allies are recognized and valued as part of the diverse cultural mix within all levels of the organization. Their mission is to provide opportunities for employee networking and mentoring, to raise diversity awareness, to share collective knowledge and experiences in a learning and productive way, to expand recruitment avenues, to promote personal and professional growth, and to retain GLBT employees – PSEG’s human capital investment.

GaLA strives to serve as a forum for education, communication, and professional development that enables PSEG’s GLBT associates and their allies to contribute and be recognized for their full potential. The group works separately and together with PSEG’s other affinity groups to identify new recruiting and marketing opportunities and to advance corporate citizenship. GaLA will seek to build and strengthen business ties with customers, suppliers and investors within New Jersey and PSEG’s operating areas.

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Minority Interchange

Minority Interchange (MI) is a not-for-profit corporation that provides a forum for the development and nurturing of leadership ability and the promotion of career-enhancing skills and techniques. This goal is accomplished through education, employment, and networking opportunities. MI is run entirely by volunteers and membership is open to everyone. MI's tone is upbeat, motivational, and inspirational. To learn more about the Minority Interchange, please visit the Minority Interchange Website.

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NA-YGN North American Young Generation in Nuclear

The North American Young Generation in Nuclear unites young professionals who believe in nuclear science and technology, and are working together throughout North America to share their passion for a field that is alive and kicking! Its mission is to attract, retain and promote the next generation of nuclear employees. Membership is open to all PSEG Nuclear Employees.

To learn more about the NA-YGN, please visited the website.

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PSEG Women's Network

The PSEG Women's Network is an informal group that meets at lunchtime about eight times a year, with speakers from inside and outside of the company. Their mission is to be a forum to provide professional women at PSEG with career development insight and skills to aid in their success in job satisfaction and advancement, as well as providing an environment that will foster collaborative mentoring and support. In April 2007, the network introduced a program called “Reaching Out,” which is designed to create additional support among women.

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Women in Nuclear

The PSEG Nuclear, LLC Chapter of Women in Nuclear (WIN) is affiliated with Women in Nuclear Global and U.S. Women in Nuclear. WIN Global, an organization of almost 2000 professional women and men in 54 countries, was created in 1993 with a goal of sharing knowledge about nuclear technologies. During the May 2000 WIN global meeting, U.S participants agreed on a threefold purpose for the U.S. WIN organization: To support an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which women are able to succeed; to provide a network through which women in these fields can further their professional development; and to provide an organization association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

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TYPP (The Young Professionals of PSEG)

The Young Professionals of PSEG is an association dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence in daily work practices, standards of integrity, and industry wide principles. Through continued professional and personal development, TYPP seeks to nurture and grow the next generation of employees to ensure the successful future of PSEG.

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Our Diversity Partners

Our Diversity Partners

PSEG is proud to be headquartered in New Jersey, the most diverse state in the nation. As leaders in the energy industry, we understand that it’s important for us to make diversity as much a part of our business as it is in the communities we serve. Our goal is to reflect and leverage that diversity, and one of the ways we achieve that goal is by establishing partnerships with diverse organizations. Diversity partnerships expand our presence on the local and national stage, give us access to a broad array of diverse professionals, and ensure an ongoing pipeline of the best and brightest available talent.

In our quest to be a world-class energy organization for diversity, PSEG proudly partners with the following organizations:

National Black MBA Association

National Association of Women MBAs

National Society of Hispanic MBAs

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

National Society of Black Engineers

Society of Women Engineers

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